Whether or not you have a business building, retail complex, public building or hotel complex, the safety of everyone involved in your business has a paramount importance. We will work with you to determine the needs of cleaning, based on a careful risk assessments; establishing cleaning frequency and identifying areas that may need disinfection or deep cleaning services. We use the latest scientific researches, techniques and solutions to provide  the necessary calmness for you.

  • Fine cleaning after major renovations, that includes removal of dried plasters, gypsum, cement, paint, latex.
  • Daily maintenance or on a subscription basis – vacuuming, washing of hard floors with specialized preparations; cleaning of glass units and window frames; cleaning and dusting of furniture and equipment; cleaning, disinfection, aromatization and polishing of sanitary facilities; collection and disposal of waste.

  • Washing soft surfaces and upholstered furniture – removes stains and dirt from the flooring and restores the freshness of its colors.
  • Cleaning of glass units and window frames.
  • Washing, sealing and polishing of hard surfaces, using a rotary /single disc/ machine with abrasive discs or brushes and suitable detergents.

  • Mechanical cleaning of escalators.
  • Alpine cleaning of glass facades
  • Carpet laundry.